WELCOME to the WITP est. 1992

Mark your Race Calendar for SEPTEMBER 5th. 2021.
Registration will go live... hopefully June 5th
(or when COVID-19 protocol allows for an unrestricted event)

2021 will mark the 29th Edition of the Walk in the Park. This is one of BC's longest running ULTRAMARATHONs, behind only the legendary Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run.

The actual course layout and location has varied through the years, but the WITP has always taken place within the City Limits of Kamloops. The current course was developed in 2016 to coincide with the 25th Anniversary Run. The WITP now takes runners around a 25km Cloverleaf loop (2 loops for the 50k). The layout also accommodates a shorter 14km distance on the perimeter of the 25k loops. The 14k has just a little less elevation gain to make it a great middle-of-the-road run for those who want to stretch their legs a bit and still soak in the atmosphere of an Ultramarathon Trail run. Of note is that the 25k loop runs slightly long (according to previous averaged GPS results), so it actually works out to 25.5k and 51k for those that want to know exactly how long they have to run.

Feedback to date from attendees is an AWESOME, fast but challenging course with stellar views. It will push LONG DISTANCE Stalwarts but at the same time is accommodating enough for NEWBIES.

Please visit the WITP FACEBOOK Page for Registration updates.

And be sure to check out the WITP FACEBOOK page for some VERY AWESOME photos of past events by our SUPERDUPER Resident Photographer Dave Graham.


Nick Jordan founded the first WALK IN THE PARK in 1992 with a race philosophy of putting on a well organized, low-cost & low-key event. There have been a few changes made over the years but the core values of the WITP remain unchanged.

During the years of 1992-2000, the WITP included 50k and 25k distances and took place in and around the silt bluffs of Juniper Park, to the East of Downtown Kamloops. 

In 2001 the event moved Kenna Cartwright Park where, eventually, a fixed loop course was established to accommodate 18k-36k-54k distances. This course and the event distances remained unchanged between the years of 2007-2015.

In 2016 the current 25km loop was established for the 25th Anniversary of the WITP. Park closures in 2017 due to extreme fire ratings pushed us to set-up an alternate course at the nearby Stake Lake Cross Country Trails for a 16-25-50K event.

Of particular note is that in 2003, due to the severity of forest fires in the Interior BC, the event was moved to the Rivers Trail, a relatively flat asphalt course in the valley bottom. This is the only year the WITP was not held on single or double track trails with significant elevation gain over the length of the course. In 2020, as were many 2020 events, the WITP was cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Currently with distance options of 14k and 25k, in addition to the more traditional 50k Ultramarathon distance, the WITP appeals to a wide range of runners; and, with well stocked aid stations, the opportunity to win some cool door schwag and a post event BBQ included in your entry fee, the race is still considered one of the best bang-for-buck Ultra and trail runs in Canada.


The START/FINISH is located at the primary upper entrance to Kenna Cartwright Park; ON HILLSIDE DRIVE; about 400m west of the intersection of The Trans Canada Hwy. & Copperhead Dr. Runners will head out onto onto the trail from the Start/Finish area in a clockwise direction for even years & counter-clockwise for odd years.


50km @ 7:00am; 25km @ 10:00am; 14km @ 11:00am


2021 Pick-Up Location - RUNNERS SOLE (T.B.C)
Saturday September 4th; 2:00 TO 4:00 PM only
Address: 1395 Hillside Dr #74, Kamloops, BC V2E 2R7, Phone: (250) 377-4055
OR Pick up before 30 minutes before the start of each race distance.


The majority of the trails on the WITP consist of somewhat rolling double and single-track trail. Approximately 1.0km of graded gravel road is required on each lap to traverse between trail heads. There are a few short steep sections on the course requiring some care with footing. Each lap constitutes approximately 850m of elevation gain. The route winds through sagebrush desert and Ponderosa Pine/Douglas Fir forest.  A pine bark beetle epidemic took a heavy toll on Ponderosa Pine in the past decade, so shade cover can be minimal on south facing slopes. It can be very warm on the September long weekend with temperatures creeping into the high 20s and even 30s  in the afternoon.


In addition to the Start Finish, there are two manned and fully stocked aid stations on each loop. The aid stations are AWESOME... lots of ice cold water, Gatorade, and various runner-friendly foods. The course passes by an aid station every 4.5 to 6.5km. A stop on a timing pass is mandatory whereas secondary passes are not. ALL 25km and 50km runners must carry at least one water bottle.


The designated route will be well marked with ground flags at 75-150m intervals and flour at potentially confusing intersections. The honour system is in place for runners as marshals are non-existent. Any runners finding themselves off course should return to the place of deviation and pick up the route from there.


We keep track of split times and post them so that you can brag to your friends.... BUT we're an old school event (with old school entry fees) so we don't have t-shirts made up and we don't recognize age group times.

We do however hand out a somewhat comfy LAWN CHAIR to the top male and female in the ULTRA distance AND we also provide a really groovy, sometimes glaringly coloured Lawn Chair to the the
D.F.L finisher to rest his or her WEARY BONES.

There will be plenty of door schwag up for grabs from our VERY DEDICATED and LOOOOONNNGGG SUPPORTING SPONSORS (see our sponsor list at the side).

AND... if you're a FIVE TIME FINISHER of the ULTRA distance we'll retire a permanent number for you... so that you can come back and proudly show it off to all your co-competitors.

AND... if you double down on that, you'll be one of the very few prestigious recipients of the TEN TIME WITP ULTRA FINISHER 500km BELT BUCKLE... this is so you can publicly display your love for the WITP.... don't worry... you won't be expected to wear it at subsequent races.

AND... if you come out and finish the WITP ULTRA just one more year after having a belt buckle bestowed upon your navel... (this is so we know you're serious about running the WITP and that it wasn't ALL about the BELT BUCKLE)... you will gain a heavily discounted (more or less FREE) ENTRY into the  Walk in the Park ULTRA distance forever and ever amen.... we're rolling the dice on this one because by the time you have ten finishes under your belt, and a buckle to connect it with, you very well could be dead.


We'll fire up the BBQ as the first finishers arrive and keep it going till the last participant is off the course. We have the best volunteers serving up the best smokies you've ever wrapped your pouty lips around... and also a few veggie burgs and salads to tickle the inside of your tummy. We hope you'll stick around and whoop it up...

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Limited Entry Info.

The number of entries will be limited to 100 in total again this year.

This is to keep the environmental impact of the event to a minimum and to retain the intimate and old-school atmosphere of the WITP.

Maximum entries into each event are as follows:

14km - 25 registrants
25km - 25 registrants
50km - 50 registrants

More spots for the shorter distances will be made available if the registration limit for the 50km is not reached.

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